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This is why Social Workers need to learn about anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive 
Evolutionists would argue that the human animal is built to discriminate to ensure the survival of it’s own family unit and group over that of those considered outsiders. The ‘other’ in our midst. read more


SWT Dementia-Social-Work-150x150The cultural challenges of working with people with dementia
There are a range of views about dementia across different cultures, and indeed within individual cultures, often based on personal experience as well as a ‘society’ view of the condition. Different cultures and different individuals construct dementia differently. So how are we to approach work with people with dementia? read more


Charles Handy: Handily helping us understand Social Work organisationsSWT Charles-Handy
Charles Handy author of landmark bestseller Understanding Organisations says ‘many of the ills of organisations stem from imposing an inappropriate structure on a particular culture, or from expecting a particular culture to thrive in an inappropriate climate. Social Work, I feel, has always felt at odds with being seated in a large organisation and a time managed, performance driven framework. read more

SWT Self Social-Work-Vitruvian-manWhat is ‘self’ and why does it matter to us as social workers?
I wonder what your idea of your own ‘self’ is? Given you’re reading this blog you may define yourself as ‘social worker’ or ‘professional’. And obviously that will only be part of the story. You may also be a father, mother, son, or daughter, friend. Some of those words I’d also use to define myself. So, what makes me different to you and how do I know that I am different to you? read more

What does the philosopher Cicero teach us about contemporary Social Work?SWT Cicero-Social-Work
Just what does the Roman philosopher, politician and orator Cicero have to do with social work in 2017!? What can the musings of someone from 107 – 44 BCE tell us about life in the 21st century? Well, Cicero’s philosophical writings on the nature of the person and existence have contributed to humanism and this in turn has contributed to ideas around person centred intervention! So there you go! Read on