Cut the risk of dementia with a sauna


In the news is research that says that taking regular saunas can reduce the risk of dementia. Research published in the journal Age and Ageing explores the conclusions of a 20 year study that says that the men who go for a sauna 2 or 3 times a week are less likely to get dementia. The study looked at over 2000 men who were aged 42 to 60 in the 1980’s and followed them over the next two decades. Men who went to the sauna 2 or 3 times per week were 22 per cent less likely to get dementia even when adjusted for other factors. For those who went 4 to 7 times per week it was found that 66 per cent were less likely to get dementia.

In a sense this comes as no surprise. Lifestyle factors have an impact on all health conditions. Keeping fit, eating well, keeping mentally active, have all been reported to have a beneficial impact. Our bodies need to be looked after and the brain is an organ just like others. What you put into your body or do to your body has an impact.

Previous research by the leader of this current study has shown that saunas can reduce blood pressure and have beneficial impact on heart health. As we know these conditions have an impact on the risk around vascular dementia it is understandable that improving these conditions and general health will lead to a reduction to that risk.

Let’s hit the sauna! And what better during the cold British winter. A treat that’s good for you!

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[Stephen Mordue]

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