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You’ve come across this page either because I shared it with you after you attended one of my ‘training’ sessions or you’ve just found it by chance!

Either way – what I’ve done here is bring together the various links to things I’ve produced that will support you with, or remind you, of what we covered in the sessions.

I’ve stuck mostly to the productivity stuff that I deliver but if you want stuff on Sleep Nutrition or Exercise – click the links

Here are blogs on some of the productivity ideas I cover – I’ll keep adding more as I write them (Click the titles (in bold) which are links):

The art of ruining your life for no apparent reason! Why does it happen?
Also something here

Right Gear, Right Place, Right Task
Drawing on and adapting the work of Kubicek and Cockram this blog explores how we can be at our best in different situations or ‘gears’.

Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits for Highly Effective People
I love Covey’s ideas and mention some of them in my presentations – particularly ‘Start with the End in Mind’ and ‘Sharpen Your Saw’

Applying the two-minute rule
The two-minute rule just gets things done – if it’s going to take you less than two minutes to do it – just do it

More Emails!
Emails are hugely useful and hugely annoying to manage. In this blog I explore how to get on top of them and keep on top of them. Get that Inbox to Empty!

Finding Success
Finding success relies on viewing time as an asset, working from your calendar (not a to-do list), batching your work into themes (‘chunking’), and learning to say.

The 4 rules of Lunch Breaks
Rest is so important! Lunch Breaks are so important. Read in this blog about the 4 rules of Lunch Breaks – take one, move away, get outside, get active.

Planning: (links below)
Moving a mountain
Set you mind to the planning

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