Get outside!

Outdoors is great! We love walking or being away in our folding camper. Get the sun on your face and the wind in you’re hair!

We’ve spent the day at Aysgarth Falls in North Yorkshire and it’s been wonderful! Some gentle exercise, some sunshine, some beautiful scenery…. and coffee and cake! Walking through the forest to the falls was wonderful. But interestingly did you know that a study found that forest walks resulted in decreased levels of anxiety and improved mood!?

Also a study at the University of Michigan showed students performed 20% better in memory tests after a walk around an arboretum compared to those who walked around the city. A further study on people experiencing depression showed that walks in nature boosted working memory much more than walks in built environments. Time in the forest has also been shown to reduce cortisol which is a by-product of stress.

My particular favourite is that time outside on a morning prepares you for the day and activates the brain chemistry you need to be awake and alert.

Research in America has also shown that just spending some time outside can improve sleep particularly for men and everyone over 65! Good stuff!

So how about starting your day with some time outside…. or how about having a walk outdoors during your lunch break…. and when you can get out amongst the trees and experience nature!

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