Playlists for work or rest

Not sure how you do with music when you’re working or when you are resting but I find the right stuff at the right time does wonders for me!

I can’t work while playing music with words but there is some great instrumental stuff out there that just settles into the background and into your head and calms and relaxes create a great ambience for work.

I also love music when I meditate. Sometimes focussing on my breath just doesn’t work for me so listening to some music I can focus on a particular element or the feeling of the whole piece and try to clear my mind that way.

Here are some of my favourites – Spotify is my weapon of choice but I’m sure these playlists/artists/style are available on other platforms.

ChilledCow - YouTube

I follow Chilled Cow for Lo-fi

This is a lovely playlist curated by Chilled Cow

11 Healing and Spiritual Sounds (below) has some nice stuff to help with meditation and relaxation

And obviously there’s my latest 4-track mini album of delicious songs for meditation and reflection!


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